My name is Greg, and I work for a small non-profit. I’ve been there since early 2008, and in my time in this job—plus volunteering for my church—I’ve come across some helpful productivity tips and tricks that have saved me time, increased my accuracy, and made me more productive. This blog is my attempt to give back a little. This is not the place to come for reviews, thoughtful reflections on the state of technology, or the work-life balance or anything along those lines. Each post will focus on conveying one aspect of my workflow that I’ve found helpful, in the hopes that others might find them useful, too.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your post on ffmpeg in a-shell. Problem: there’s no a-shell folder in On My iPad after installing a-shell. ???


  2. Try typing (without the angle brackets) to make sure you’re in the main a-Shell folder. (It’s there, even if it’s not showing up in the Files app.) After hitting enter, use the command (again, without the angle brackets). That’ll create the bin subfolder, and it should jog the Files app into showing you a-Shell’s folder in the On My iPad section. Then you’ll be good to go.

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